The ReWall Company

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Sophie Gale
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This company in Iowa makes "drywall" from recycled, plastic-coated paper:  coffee cups, juice boxes, etc.  Their product is mainly sold in the Midwest, but, according to the article I was reading today, they are considering expansion into other parts of the country.  Know someone who would like to be an approved supplier?


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Thank You!!!

I had originally planned to use plaster on my upper walls, with wood lowers, as I want a traditional Japanese style to my office/workshop, but especially because modern drywall when wet, begins to outgas fermaldihyde, thats why flooded or rain damaged homes must be gutted. Wet drywall will make you sick.

This stuff looks amazing. You have to love these two blurbs on the website:

"Durability: Just look at the 16-pound bowling ball bouncing off of ReWall.

Strength: EssentialBoard was labeled a structural sheathing product after it broke SBCRI’s testing equipment."


"Broke" the testing equipment, LOL!. I'll be looking into this stuff.