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UPDATED: The new link to the pdf file is here:

and we don't have separate sections, since the Cultural Conservers website went down. I guess this is symptomatic of decline - we have to adapt as things shift. - Cathy


Here is the list of Master Conserver Handout files currently being hosted on the Cultural Conservers website. I  placing a copy here in the Resources area for ease of use. You can click on the links to download the entire set, or a specific "chapter" or you can right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download them to your local computer.

  • Master Conserver instructional handouts in one large file. (8 Mb pdf file)
  • Topical sections of the Master Conserver instructional handouts for those with slow Internet connections or an interest in specific areas.
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Handouts 001-004: Home Buyer Checklist
    3. Handouts 005-015: Heat Loss Calculations
    4. Handouts 016-025: Caulking and Weatherstripping
    5. Handouts 026-037: Home Insulation
    6. Handouts 038-045: Reducing Moisture Problems
    7. Handouts 046-055: Hot Water Conservation
    8. Handouts 056-068: Indoor Air Quality
    9. Handouts 069-080: Energy Efficient Doors and Windows
    10. Handouts 081-090: Insulated Window Covers
    11. Handouts 091-100: Purchasing a Woodstove or Fireplace Insert
    12. Handouts 101-110: Wood Heat Maintenance and Resources
    13. Handouts 111-122: Heating Domestic Water with a Woodstove
    14. Handouts 123-128: Passive Solar Heating - Residential
    15. Handouts 129-138: Passive Solar Water Heating
    16. Handouts 139-150: Active Solar Water Heating
    17. Handouts 151-158: Solar Greenhouses
    18. Handouts 159-170: Solar Cell Electricity - Photovoltaics
    19. Handouts 171-180: Earth-Sheltered Housing
    20. Handouts 181-190: Building the Superinsulated Home